I’ve been collecting crystals and minerals my whole life. The first memories I have of this are of being a small child on holiday in Devon, England and stumbling upon sparkly quartz inclusion rocks. I thought they were magic rocks! And, in a way, they were.

Throughout my life I continued collecting and reading about crystals, but it was really only after a series of synchronicities led me to an angel workshop that I fully connected with them. In that workshop we took part in a meditation and were asked to select crystals to assist us and, more importantly, were guided on how to use them. It was on that day that I first properly connected with them. You see, you can read as many books as you can study, but it’s only through using crystals with intention that you can begin to understand them.

After chatting with the organiser at the end, Jackie Winters, owner of The British Academy of Crystal Healing, I discovered that she offered crystal healing sessions and a two year crystal healing diploma for those wanting to learn this healing art. I didn’t need asking twice – I signed up on the spot! I booked a crystal healing session for the following week and had an experience which was so deep, healing and meaningful. I knew I had made the best decision – I needed to learn how to do this myself!

After two years of study, I received my diploma in The Art of Crystal Healing in August 2013 ~ the same month that I followed my heart to the beautiful island of Ibiza.

Soon after landing on the island I founded the Spirit Crystal Academy and started offering crystal healing sessions, crystal workshops and crystal ceremonies. I began writing crystal courses and articles for Soul & Spirit Magazine in the UK.

Then something interesting happened.

In the years in which I had been working with my crystal clients, many of them had been commenting that they’d noticed how much easier they had found to consciously manifest following crystal healing sessions. I started investigating and experimenting with different crystal combinations and using them within grids – with fantastic results.

Crystals raise and change your vibration, and however you want to feel, there’s a crystal combination for it. Once you align with the feeling of your desired reality and combine manifestation techniques, things magically start to happen.

Having studied and used the principles of The Law of Attraction and The Law of Assumption in my own life for many years, I began showing my clients how they could use crystals in grids and alongside vibrational alignment techniques to get even faster results.  Wanting to dive deeper into the art of conscious creation I studied to become a Law of Attraction Life Coach.

I’m an eternal student which means I’m constantly expanding my knowledge and testing different techniques so that I can give my clients the most efficient ways of consciously creating their dreams. 

My programs are individually tailored and combine manifestation coaching with crystals, mantras, rituals, frequencies, EFT, energy healing and energetic block clearing.

The crystal courses and books which I have written enable me to share my knowledge, understanding and experiences with others wishing to explore the wealth of beauty, healing and magic that the mineral kingdom offers us.

In addition to being a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, I hold an advanced diploma in The Art of Crystal Healing. I am also a Reiki Master Teacher in the Tibetan Usui and Karuna Reiki traditions, Meditation Teacher and EFT Tapping Practitioner.

In addition to creating a children’s crystal course, in 2018 I created Ibiza Rock Club for children and hold workshops and events teaching them about the magical powers of energy and crystals. And in 2022 I’m expanding this vision with Rock Club World to inspire a new generation of crystal children.

I am truly grateful to be living on this magical island of Ibiza, doing work which I love and enjoying a life full of love, joy, fun, creativity and magic!