Combining the gorgeous healing energies of crystals with soothing reiki and reconnective healing, crystal energy healing sessions quickly bring your mind and body back into balance, harmony and alignment.

Crystal healing sessions are non-invasive and deeply relaxing. After a brief discussion and setting an intention for the healing, crystals are placed on and around the body to create a feeling of peace, stillness and delicious tranquility. Reiki and reconnective healing energies enhance the experience and are followed by crystal cleansing within the subtle energy bodies.

Every session is unique and tailored to your precise requirements. Crystals are chosen and combined to bring your energetic field into balance and alignment. I select crystals whose energies work synergistically together according to the intention for the session and for how you wish to feel. Energetic cord cutting can also be included if you desire.

Crystal healing is effective in treating a wide range of physical, mental and emotional issues, and is particularly helpful for treating anxiety, insomnia, tension and emotional stress.

Some of my clients have likened the feeling experienced during a crystal healing session to one of being in a calm, receptive and almost hypnotic state, and certain crystal combinations can induce the brain to enter theta state. In theta wave state we are in a very deeply relaxed state and are very open to receiving messages from our intuition, spiritual guides and angelic realm.

Crystal energy healing sessions are priced at 120 euros, or 595 euros for a course of six.

Distance healing sessions are priced at 60 euros, or 295 euros for a course of six.

“When in Ibiza go for a crystal healing with this awesome and madly knowledgeable woman. I had no idea what I was getting into and was super surprised when I actually had a medicine experience. She feels exactly what crystals you need, uses reiki to enhance whatever magic she’s weaving anyway and after that you sleep, oh you sleep so well. I came out fully grounded and deeply relaxed n restored. Can’t wait for more!!”

Kes, Ibiza

“I am feeling so good and powerful these days! Thank you so much!”

Bianca, Ibiza

“I had an amazing crystal healing session with Jade. I always felt attraction with crystals but a session with them was something totally new for myself. During the session I felt a beautiful healing energy and that was really reassuring. I really felt loved, safe and comfortable. Before the session I was asked for my intention for the session and afterwards I have received detailed explanations and guidance. At the end I was really happily surprised to see all the crystals Jade has used during the session on a table and that was really awesome. I was also suggested to keep with me 3 crystals for a few days after I was still feeling the healing. Jade has a lot of knowledge about crystals and what she does is truly amazing. I really recommend the experience to everybody. Thank you so much.”

Sylvia, Ibiza

“Thank you so much Jade! I really enjoyed my session with you. I love how spot on your healing was with both myself and my mum and it has really given me some clarity. I feel so grounded and aligned now. Thank you <3”

Danielle, UK

If you would like to book a crystal energy healing session, discover more or discuss any specific requirements then please send me a message here and we can arrange a convenient time to chat.