As Albert Einstein stated in the above quote, everything has a vibrational frequency and by changing OUR frequency then we can become a vibrational match for our desired reality. Crystals are no exception to this and each one carries its own specific – and perfect – frequency. They can change, enhance, and amplify our own vibrational signature and are a total frequency hack!

Combining my own experience and frequency experiments with crystals over the past decade, alongside the manifestations achieved by my clients, I have created this simple and effective formula using crystals to calibrate to the frequency of our desires and experience results fast (sometimes within just a few days).

Crystal Frequency Calibration is a four week group container where we will identify, calibrate to and anchor in the frequency of your desired reality. Each week you’ll receive an activation and we’ll be working with the energy of two easy-to-obtain crystals to enhance and hold your vibrational signature. And, once you have the Crystal Frequency Calibration formula, you can use it to calibrate any time you choose.

In week one we set the foundations for holding a frequency

In week two we discuss parallel realities and frequency shifting

In week three you’ll connect to and calibrate to the frequency of your desire

In the final week we’ll discuss the art of receiving

This four week container is not for everyone, but it’s definitely for you if:

  • you have been working with The Law of Attraction for a while and your results are slow in coming, or very much hit and miss
  • you have a basic understanding of The Law of Attraction and/or The Law of Assumption
  • you are ready to dedicate time daily to the practice of connecting with and calibrating to your desired frequency
  • you are ready to jump into a NEW WAY of reality creation!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to connect with and calibrate to your desired frequency
  • How to HOLD and maintain the frequency using your crystals
  • How to RECEIVE your desire – yes, there is an art to it!

What’s included in this experience:

  • 4 weekly group coaching calls
  • 4 activations
  • Email access to me throughout

“I had great fun in the Crystal Frequency Calibration container. Thank You Jade for your confident and kind guidance, it was a pleasure to be led and held by you!

It was my first experience using crystals in this way, and I really loved getting into the vibe of the crystals during the meditations with some intense soul and desire connect, which I’m very happy to say WORKS! And I’m continuing with excitement!!! Thanks again Jade!!!”

Peach, Ibiza

“For the last four weeks on a Monday evening I have been taking part in the Crystal Frequency Calibration with the beautiful and talented Jade Marsh. This course really is so very beneficial in teaching you how  to hold a  positive frequency. 

Jade has taught me in the last four weeks that we all have the ability to quickly change our thought patterns or thought, and eventually our life experiences. When your belief matches your desire then your desire must become your reality.  

Thank you beautiful Jade, you truly are an inspiration.”

Emma, UK

The investment for Crystal Frequency Calibration is 444 euros.

We begin again on Monday 6th February 2023 at 8pm CET/7pm GMT.

Are you ready to jump into a NEW WAY of reality creation?

If you would like to learn more, or to book your place in Crystal Frequency Calibration then simply send me a message here and we’ll arrange a time to chat.