• Have you always felt attracted to the magic and beauty of crystals?
  • Do you have a collection of gorgeous healing crystals but don’t know what to do with them?
  • Would you like to learn how to use crystals for personal healing?
  • Are you ready to amplify your meditation practice?
  • Are you seeking to accelerate your spiritual growth?

When I first started learning about crystals, I spent years reading books and trawling the internet for information. 

What I found was very often conflicting advice.

You may have discovered the same.

It wasn’t until I learned to connect with them properly that I began to understand how they interact with us and how we can discover their healing magic for ourselves.

Our relationship with crystals is very much a journey of discovery ~ of both the mineral kingdom and ourselves. Which is why I chose the name Journey Into Crystals.

Through working with them, we become more sensitive and, something which my past students will testify to, is that they amplify any latent ‘spiritual’ abilities we may or may not be aware of ~ clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance…

As someone who has worked with crystals for over ten years, and has written several courses and a book on their magic, I like to think I know a thing or two about crystals (although there is so much more to discover…)

If you’re new to crystals and wishing to learn how to use them for personal healing and spiritual development, then this course will provide you with a solid foundation.

From how to choose your crystals right the way through to creating body layouts for emotional healing, you’ll learn everything you need to begin your personal journey with these beautiful gifts from Mother Earth.

This course consists of 7 live workshops, held fortnightly via Zoom and will start on Saturday 15th April 2023. These workshops are not purely theory – practical exercises are also included. If you are unable to attend a particular week then you will be able to access the information in our Student Portal.

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion along with my book, Journey Into Crystals, which accompanies the course.

Working in this way, as opposed to using pre-recorded videos, enables you to gain the most from your learning experience, as you will have many opportunities to discuss your understanding and ask questions, which gives further opportunity for learning. You will also connect with other crystal-loving friends in both the live workshops and in our private Facebook student group.

Unlike most other crystal healing courses, which often repeat knowledge you can easily find in a book, your learning will be backed by genuine crystal healing skills which have been developed by a Crystal Healer with over 10 years experience.

“Jade’s Journey Into Crystals is a lovely experience and an insightful introduction into the world of the earth’s gems. You become part of a high-vibe group of students that makes each session a joy to attend! I highly recommend it – it is a fun course and rest assured, it can significantly drive your growth.”

Teodora, London

On completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand how crystals work
  • Choose, cleanse, charge and care for your crystals
  • Programme crystals for specific intentions
  • Perform a crystal healing on yourself
  • Create gemstone waters
  • Cleanse and protect your energy field
  • Balance your energy centres
  • Relieve anxiety, stress and insomnia using crystals
  • Create crystal grids for manifestation
  • Use different crystals for different meditations
  • Give your partner a relaxing crystal massage

Course Outline

Module One

In this module we will be exploring crystal healing and vibrational healing, and how crystals communicate and interact with us via our energetic field.  We will learn the importance of working with personal crystals, and why we should create our own crystal journal. We will end with discussing which crystals we should all have in our crystal toolkit and where we can source them.

Module Two

In module two we’ll be learning the different ways of choosing, cleansing, charging and caring for our crystals.  We’ll also be discussing how to dedicate, attune to and programme crystals for specific intentions. We will also practice sensing crystal energy.

Module Three

In this module we will discuss the importance of grounding and how to identify symptoms of being ungrounded.  We will learn how we can ground ourselves using crystals (both passively and actively), and create body layouts for this purpose. We will then move on to discussing ways of using crystals for energetic protection.

Module Four

In module four we will be exploring the energy centres within the body (chakras), and identifying symptoms of unbalanced chakras. We’ll discuss chakra colour association and move on to simple ways of balancing our energy centres using crystals.

Module Five

In module five we’ll be discussing the importance of emotional healing and ways of using crystals for emotional release and balance, including creating body layouts. We will explore ways of using crystals to alleviate anxiety, stress and worry. We will then move on to learning how we can use crystals to help with insomnia.

Module Six

In this module we’ll be discussing how we can use crystals to massage the physical body and how you can give yourself (or your partner) a deliciously soothing meridian massage.  We will also learn different ways of creating gemstone waters, which crystals are toxic, and why.  We will also explore ways of incorporating crystals into our meditation practice.

Module Seven

In this final module we’ll be exploring ways of using crystals to raise our vibration and how we can use them alongside Law of Attraction techniques for manifestation.  We will then cover creating crystal grids to amplify our intentions.

What’s included:

  • 7 live workshops 
  • Recorded modules available to listen to at any time
  • Access to the Student Portal where you will find downloadable and printable worksheets, attachments, charts, body layouts and sacred geometry templates 
  • Tried and tested body layouts for emotional healing, anxiety and stress relief
  • Private Facebook group
  • Certificate of completion 
  • Copy of my book, Journey Into Crystals 

“This Journey Into Crystals was so pleasant to attend! Meeting new persons and learning so many things about gemstones! Jade takes a lot of pleasure to pass her knowledge and her passion and we can feel it! Highly recommended to every person who may love crystals.”

Jessica, Ibiza

“Journey Into Crystals isn’t a simple course about crystals and how to use them; it is a whole experience that is going to change your daily life forever… at least it was like this in my case.

Journey Into Crystals opened the door on The Divine Subtle, on this reality made of vibrations and frequencies that I wasn’t really listening to… at least not enough… I became more ‘aware’, more ‘present’. I have developed my intuition, how to listen to it and more important to trust it.

I really feel I became more in contact with the subtle energies that are everywhere and this boosted so much my confidence. I feel that everything is possible… Especially since I discovered how to make amazing crystal manifestation grids.

Since the day I incorporated crystals in my daily life everything changed for the better. Journey Into Crystals was without hesitation the BEST present I gave to myself for ages. I also met amazing new people and even made new friends. I will be forever grateful to it.

Also, Jade is the best teacher you could ever wish for. Clearly. But she is also much more than this… Jade is as passionate as passionating…her happiness is contagious. She lights you up with her wisdom and she became this friend that you never hesitate to call when you have a question.

And last but not the least: she has the best humor. I was really looking forward to the workshop every second Sunday. Jade’s personality is clearly a big part of this magic! I wouldn’t be able to imagine it without her.

Some friends, family members (especially my mother and my kids) became addicted to crystals after seeing all the positive effects it had on me on emotional, spiritual or physical levels.

Now that the door is opened. I need to know more. I need to dig deeper. Into this knowledge but also into myself. Seeing all the positive effects, I have the need to help the people I love around me also… That is why I couldn’t resist to continue and to attend Jade’s new course to become a crystal healing practitioner. I am counting the days to it.”

Delphine, Ibiza

The next Journey Into Crystals begins on Saturday 15th April 2023.

The investment for this course is 222 euros.

Once payment is received you will be sent a confirmation email including full details of the course, Zoom links for all live workshops, plus details of our private student Facebook group, and access to our Student Portal.

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion along with my book, Journey Into Crystals, which accompanies the course.

NEW! Self-study option

If you would prefer to study at your own pace, I also offer a self-study option. Once you enrol, you will receive details of our Student Portal where recordings of all seven modules are available for you to work through at your own pace. You will also receive details of our private student Facebook group where you can connect with other crystal-loving students. On completion of the course you will receive a certificate of completion.

You will also receive a one hour call with me on completion of the course where I will answer any questions you may have.

The investment for the self-study version of this course is 77 euros.

To learn more about this course then please send me a message here and we can arrange a convenient time to chat.