I offer a number of one-to-one coaching options to guide you through the conscious creation process. Designed and tailored to your exact requirements, my programs range from beginner to advanced levels and are created to provide you with high-vibe, results-oriented coaching.

Programs are specifically designed so that you achieve your desired outcome in the fastest, easiest and most enjoyable way possible.

Perhaps you’re feeling a sense of frustration because you’ve been using Law of Attraction techniques for some time now but you just can’t seem to break through to the next level, or you have found yourself at a plateau? You are doing everything you know but all you seem to get is more of the same and nothing significant changes at all.

In this 90 minute session we will identify what is slowing your progress or stopping you from reaching your next level, then remove those blocks in order to clear the way for the magic you know exists, to happen. Following the session you will receive an email outlining our call with tools, techniques and crystal recommendations.

Individual 90 minute coaching sessions are priced at 222 euros.

Maybe you’re a beginner and wish to understand the essential basics behind manifesting and explore how powerful universal laws can transform every area of your life?

Or perhaps you have been using the Law of Attraction for a while and feel a little stuck and in need of assistance to help you release blocks, get off your current plateau and reach the next level. Maybe you’re a dab hand at magic-making and wish to further your journey with a deeper dive into your Law of Attraction practice and expand your understanding for even greater results.

The beauty of a program is that you will receive consistent support to help you to stay focused and aligned whilst you make the changes you wish to make in your life. I’ll be here to help you navigate through any curveballs along the journey and keep your motivation high.

The investment for a private coaching program will vary according to your specific requirements.

If you’re struggling with anxiety then my signature program, The Flow Frequency, is a LIVE group coaching container where you’ll learn to ditch the stress and get into flow quickly. Magic happens in this container!

In Crystalized Success you’ll get crystal clear on which specific beliefs are holding you back, how they’re holding you back, and exactly how you can shift them.

In my 30 days Frequency Reset you’ll have daily support from me to shift your frequency fast and experience more joy and happiness in your life.

Crystal Frequency Calibration is a four week group container where we will identify, calibrate to and anchor in the frequency of your desired reality. Each week you’ll receive an activation and we’ll be working with the energy of two easy-to-obtain crystals to enhance and hold your vibrational signature.

“When Jade started working with me I was torn, sceptical and bitter about life. Her loving and patient approach towards me instantly made me believe that things could be better. I went from being afraid of talking to expressing myself freely, from no friends to many friends – and I keep meeting new ones – from no dates to dating somebody that I dreamed of seeing for a decade, not to mention all the “coincidences”, synchronicities, and magical, unbelievable experiences that I had and keep having in my life. I am so grateful for all the help and guidance that Jade provided to me. I am looking forward to the next chapters of my journey, and feeling like it is just the beginning.”

Larry, New Jersey

“I was so blessed to have taken part in Jade’s coaching program. Jade was so friendly, approachable, professional, knowledgeable and down to earth. I can honestly say these 6 weeks have changed my life! 

I learnt about certain thought patterns I had that were blocking me from creating my dream life. I meditated daily with specific crystal combinations that Jade picked for me, along with practicing personalised daily techniques and weekly rituals. During the 6 weeks my life started to shift, I began to manifest and actually started to attract more abundance into my life! I got two big new job offers within the 6 weeks! The more I began to focus more on self care and self awareness, the more confident I became with an inner sense of peace and contentment. 

Since finishing the program I have a new fresh mindset, I have a deeper sense of gratitude and an inner knowing that I can achieve my future goals! Jade helped me look at life through a new lens and she has given me the tools to manifest and change my life forever.  Investing in yourself is a gift and I had such a magical 6 weeks, I would highly recommend working with Jade to everyone as it changed my life! Thank you!”

Heather, Ibiza

“When I met Jade, she lifted my heart and soul; she is one of my earth angels and I feel blessed to have her in my life. As a Life Coach, Jade does more than listen, she connects you to you life purpose and taps into what you need to do to become the real you. Thank you Jade, you are much loved, respected and adored by me.”

Jane, Ibiza

“Dear Jade, Working with you was an absolute joy. You always remind me of an earth angel, you radiate love and make people around you feel hopeful. I looked forward to our sessions every week as I knew you would light up my day regardless of how I was feeling.

Your kind heart, loving support and wonderful tools are amazing. I came to you to find a perfect partner but instead I realized I needed to love myself first and embrace my feminine energy before the right person would find me. This was a great gift as a partner is not a given but finding the love and support within yourself is a long lasting result and will create a base to build upon with the right person.

I am so grateful I got to work with you and would love to again in the future. I feel any 1 on 1 coaching or courses you provide will benefit anyone looking to find the answers they seek. It’s funny how you aim for a certain result and end up getting much much more. You are an absolute gift to humanity and thankful we crossed paths and hope we will again in the future.”

Sabine, Amsterdam

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