How would it FEEL to…

  • Have a glow and such a ZEST FOR LIFE that you wake each morning excited for the day ahead?
  • Consistently experience magical things happening for you every day?
  • Experience a feeling of expansion and emotional freedom?
  • Feel a sense of inner peace, and remain calm, no matter what is going on around you?
  • Connect with and trust your intuition and know exactly when to take inspired action and when to sit back and ALLOW?
  • Be in control of your emotions and no longer be controlled by them?
  • Have complete trust in yourself and your world that no matter what happens, you know you will be okay?
  • Rewrite limiting beliefs, old behaviour patterns and subconscious programming holding you back from creating your dream life?
  • Have clarity on what you want to experience in your life. And the confidence and knowing that YOU are the one consciously creating your reality?
  • Have the tools to deal with negative thoughts when they pop up so that you can quickly switch them and prevent a downward spiral?
  • Truly love and value yourself for the amazing person that you are?

All this is possible – and more – when you’re in The Flow Frequency.

Are you feeling a sense of frustration because you’ve been using Law of Attraction techniques for some time now but you just can’t seem to break through to the next level, or you have found yourself at a plateau? You are doing ALL THE THINGS but all you seem to get is more of the same and nothing significant changes at all.

You may feel like you are losing faith in your abilities or even that the universe can’t hear you anymore. Simply put, you feel stuck and even though you are doing what you know needs to be done, following the rules, you don’t seem to be getting the results you really want.

You love the messages of Abraham-Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, Dr Joe Dispenza and others like them, and want to learn how you can practically apply them to your everyday life.

You know there’s more to this human experience than living a life of hustle, anxiety and trying to FORCE things to happen.

You feel there MUST be an easier way.

You want to experience the MAGIC you know exists in this world.

Here’s the thing…

You’re probably DOING too much and BEING too little.

There is a time to take ACTION. And a time to sit back and ALLOW.

And when you are in The FLOW Frequency, you know which one to choose.


Being IN FLOW is such a great FEELING…

it’s light

it’s joyful

it’s playful

it’s fun

and it’s magnetic!

It’s that magical state of being where everything in your life just, well, FLOWS!

Synchronicities abound and it almost feels as though you’ve discovered the golden ticket to a happy, joyful and abundant life!

And one of the cool things about being in the FLOW FREQUENCY is that you don’t just manifest the ONE thing ~  it’s as if all the things you’ve placed into your ‘Vortex’ start appearing out of nowhere!

Have you experienced a time when you felt so good, so happy, so relaxed and were manifesting with ease?

Chances are, you were in the flow.

So, you know how it feels to be in flow. But how do you get there? And, more importantly, how do you stay there?

The Flow Frequency is an 8 week LIVE group coaching container where I will show you how to ditch the stress, GET INTO the flow, and STAY THERE.

And this is where the magic happens!

You’ll learn tools and techniques which you can use to hold this frequency for as long as you desire. Harnessing the energy of a small group of high-vibe women, together we will activate our FLOW state and embark on a journey of magnetism and magic!

But we’re not stopping there.

In order to make lasting change we will be reprogramming subconscious limiting beliefs which hold us back, and developing conscious awareness so that the manifestation magic continues.

Simply put, in The Flow Frequency…

We experience the MAGIC of flow

We practice the energetics of MAGNETISM

And we discover how we can keep the precious MOMENTUM flowing

… all whilst doing the subconscious inner work and embodying a new state of being.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

Module One – the magic of FLOW

Module Two – joy and happiness

Module Three – fun and play

Module Four – the power of your subconscious mind

Module Five – conscious awareness – what are your thoughts creating?

Module Six – the power of trust, surrender and letting go

Module Seven – brain-heart coherence and the energetics of magnetism

Module Eight – keeping the momentum going

What’s included:

  • 8 weekly group coaching calls
  • 8 weekly Flow Frequency emails
  • 8 alignment rituals
  • Workbook
  • Distance crystal healing session
  • Personalized affirmation recording
  • Email access to me throughout

The investment for The Flow Frequency is 777 euros, (555 euros if you join before 21st February)

Are you ready to stop trying to MAKE things happen, activate your Flow Frequency and magnetize your desires TO you?

The next round of The Flow Frequency begins on Thursday 9th March 2023.

Work privately with me

If you would prefer to work privately with me and go deeper into the healing aspects of this program then I also offer an 8 month, 1-1, option, including fortnightly calls, monthly healing sessions and ongoing support.

The investment for The Flow Frequency 1-1 is 3,333 euros, (or eight monthly payments of 444 euros).

“The Flow Frequency course has been life changing. Jade is not only a great coach but the kindest human that will guide you and give you the space to talk and be listened to.

The Flow Frequency is created with so much love and the resources necessary for you to naturally connect with your inner self and listen to what you need to be and remain in a state of flow.   Being in the Flow for me has allowed me to live lighter, happier and with so much more intention.

The group of lovely ladies gives you a special safe place to learn and connect in ways not always possible in your day to day.  I couldn’t recommend this course and Jade enough!”

Laura, Madrid

“It is no exaggeration to say that The Flow Frequency is a life-changing experience.

Jade’s weekly group coaching calls, which were always powerful, inspiring, and supportive as well as being a lot of fun, combined with the plethora of empowering rituals, meditations, crystal wisdom, and so many other amazing tips and tools that Jade shared for us to practice each week meant that I learned not only how to get into the flow frequency, but how to stay there.

I now experience much more ease and flow in all areas of my life. I have more clarity and confidence…and wonderful synchronicities are an almost daily occurrence. Very highly recommended!”

Jeanette, Ibiza

“A reframing experience. 

The Flow Frequency program is a guided visit into the castle of yourself being throughout the observation of the surrounding landscape dimension.

Jade guides you through the rooms and gardens, opens doors and windows under a new light view. She gently holds your hand irradiating you with confidence, while you walk through new corridors and explore new pathways to self love.

Her mastering of the crystal frequencies is the key that allows to reframe the perception of yourself (the castle) and your dimension (the landscape). This crucial self recognition, empowers you to claim and own your castle and land but in a funny way. Like you are a child playing with a wood sword. It is like finding a crown with your name on it, and celebrating your own in-coronation.

Can you imagine how funny and how transformative it can be when you learn to use the electric power of crystals? It’s like being a kid impersonating a Jedi and playing with energy swords!”

Angela, Barcelona

“With this course, you get to experience being in the Flow, when things just happen for you. You know how it feels when it happens for you. Fasten your seatbelt, as it will! Jade guides you step by step, coaches you and puts you on a path that is life-changing. More so, being in Jade’s presence is an experience in itself. You get inspired by her high vibration, ego-less, non-judgemental state of being – which is the basis for getting into the Flow. I highly recommend this course.”

Teodora, UK

“The Flow Frequency changed my life. I am now experiencing feeling good, being in the flow (most of the time) feeling relaxed and manifesting. This was not me 4 months ago. I was stressed and life felt like an uphill struggle. My family, friends and colleagues are all benefiting from the new relaxed me. I can handle challenges with a different mindset, feeling calm and in control of my emotions. Thank goodness that I met Jade and followed her guidance to a beautiful way of using my energy. This step by step programme was a complete joy to follow with week after week of easy and enjoyable exercises to follow. The world would be wonderful if we all followed this way of living.”

Deborah, UK

“Over the last twelve weeks I have worked with the lovely Jade Marsh firstly in Crystal Frequency Calibration as I felt I needed a big shift to raise my vibration and I wasn’t disappointed. I then decided to continue my journey with her in The Flow Frequency to learn to live fully in my new vibration. 

On their own either course are fantastic but together they are incredible. 

The Flow Frequency is 8 wonderful weeks with Jade working in a supportive group environment where we are coached on finding and staying in our flow using her tried and tested techniques. Each week builds on the next and gently shifts our perspective and energy. 

Jade is so warm and caring, her energy so gentle and uplifting, and her knowledge and skills endless. Her courses have changed my view of and approach to life in positive and uplifting ways. They show us how different life can be when we are in vibrational alignment. In addition to this synchronicities and opportunities start to appear as if by magic. 

This is a wonderful program that will help you find your vibrational balance and open you up a whole new world of possibilities.”

Kathryn, UK

“Over the last eight weeks I have taken part in the Flow Frequency program with the beautiful Jade Marsh. Over the 8 weeks Jade  has been coaching me on how to get into the FLOW (vibrational alignment) being conscious of your thoughts and feelings and being mindful of what vibration you are offering to the universe, positive or negative.

Being in The Flow Frequency has made me realise I am creating my life experiences with my thoughts and visualisation. I have learned many new things about myself while on this program. One being not to get too involved in the desires of others that cause me confusion or anything that compromises my own vibration and alignment.  I have realised that when I’m in vibrational alignment I thrive in all areas of my life.

This is a wonderful program that will help you find your vibrational balance. Jade is truly an inspiration to me, she’s not only a wonderful teacher but a beautiful person.”

Emma-Louise, UK

“The Flow Frequency has changed my outlook on life. It has given me a nicer routine that allows me to flow through my day and it fits with my lifestyle.  I’ve noticed that I’m now much calmer, choosing to respond rather than react to situations that would have challenged me before. I found the meditations in particular were very gentle but powerful. The morning routine sets me up for the whole day. It has influenced me and the world around me because what I feel I create. After the group energy work we did in week seven I had a mind blowing manifestation which was really cool. It has been amazing.”

Shaleena, UK

If you would like to join us then please send me a message here and we’ll arrange a time to chat.