The Flowing and Glowing Sisterhood is my monthly membership community for women who want to reclaim their mojo, shift into alignment and create a magical life of their dreams, alongside a community of supportive, soul-aligned sisters.

Does this sound familiar…?

  • You crave a community where you can share your dreams, as well as your fears, without being judged
  • You’ve been using The Law of Attraction for a while and had some success, but you’re unsure how to make it work for you consistently 
  • You’re looking for an easy way of incorporating more ease, FLOW and magic into your daily life
  • You’ve started on a journey of self-development, but there’s no-one like-minded in your friend’s circle to support you
  • You’ve been making changes in your life and now you’re ready for a bigger shift and to experience more momentum 
  • You’re ready to write a new story for your life and shift into alignment with your biggest dreams 

Welcome to the Flowing and Glowing Sisterhood.

A monthly membership group which blends manifestation magic, spirituality and our community of soul sisters.

Inside you will find:

  • Two live calls each month
  • Live guided meditation each month, recorded for you to access at any time
  • Breathwork session each month
  • Printable worksheets 
  • Pop-up rituals and workshops 
  • Guest therapist sessions and readings

PLUS, you’ll also

Have access to me as your coach

Each month you’ll have access to me during two live calls. I’ll also be available within our private Facebook community to help support and guide you. 

Be part of a high-vibe community

Community is at the heart of The Flowing and Glowing Sisterhood and we always celebrate and support one another.

Receive discounts

As a valued member of The Flowing and Glowing Sisterhood, you’ll receive discounts and offers to any courses, workshops and coaching programs that I create during our time together.

Want to learn more before joining?

If you’ve got a question about The Flowing and Glowing Sisterhood and want to find out if it’s for you, then just drop me a message here.

“The Flowing and Glowing Sisterhood is made up of a supportive group of ladies led by Jade. This group is a safe and supportive space to discuss your dreams, vibrations, relationship with the Law of Attraction and desires.

When things are not going quite as you thought, the support from Jade and the group is amazing, they pick you up and dust you down and put you back on the path you are wishing to be on. The support goes on through Facebook until the next weekly meeting. You are never judged, just supported. I love this group, it is truly magical with Jade dusting us with her magic and guidance.”

Deborah, UK

Join The Flowing and Glowing Sisterhood from just 21 euros per month.

Choose your membership type:

Annual membership – 21 euros per month (one payment of 250 euros)

Six month membership – 31 euros per month (one payment of 188 euros)

Monthly membership – 37 euros per month

Once payment has been received you will be sent a confirmation email including full details and access to our private Facebook group where all of the magic happens!